Refund policy


To exchange a product, you should first make a return and then buy the product again.

Returns conditions

There are a variety of reasons why products may be returned:

1. Return due to withdrawal from purchasing the product. 

You can carry out the return due to withdrawal from purchase (if you don’t like the product, you were expecting something else, or you simply want to return it) provided that this is within a 14-day period.

Send the following details to our email address requesting the return:

- Order number
- Customer name
- Products being returned

State “Order return order number” in the subject line.

So that we can accept this return, the product must meet the following conditions:

- You must return exactly what was delivered.  Don’t forget to include the box with any instructions and accessories.
- You must use the original packaging and it must be in the same condition in which it was received.
- The product should be clean and in good condition. 

If you request a return due to withdrawal and it meets these conditions, only the collection costs will be deducted from the refund. These collection costs will vary according to the country.

If you do not comply with these conditions, we reserve the right to make a partial refund, deducting the loss of value resulting from a use that does not conform to the agreed use or nature of the product.

In addition, bear in mind that, due to their nature, some products have special conditions for return.

If you meet the conditions, we will send you a label so you can place it on the package and we will come to collect it.

 2. Return due to the product being broken/damaged during delivery.

During delivery, products may become damaged and not arrive in perfect condition. In this case, there are two very important factors you must comply with:

You have a period of 48 hours from the delivery of the order to inform us of the incident.

Take photos of the condition of the product and the boxes and labels from the courier company. These pictures will be used as evidence in order to make the different claims to the courier.

 3. Return due to a product fault/defect. Guarantee.  

All our products come with a two year guarantee during which we will cover any manufacturing defect. The start date of the guarantee is the date shown on the purchase receipt. Guarantees do not include deficiencies caused by negligence, knocks, improper use or handling (other than those stated in the user manual), incorrect installation, or materials subjected to wear and tear as a result of normal use. 

Once we receive the product in our warehouse, we will check its condition. Our technicians will identify the problem and will repair or replace it for a new model. 

In the specific case of some products considered “consumable goods”, such as batteries, it is not possible to make proper use of them without using them. For that reason, the guarantee will apply in accordance with their consumable nature and specific characteristics, such as use life, specific charging cycles, etc.

 4. Return due to fault/error with the delivery of the order. 

If you receive a product that does not match what you have purchased, it may be a packaging error or mix-up of labels within the courier company. If this applies to your case, remember that you have a period of 48 hours to notify us of the issue.