Yummy Pop Dessert Corer


Give your dishes a fun touch! The Yummy Pop dessert corer will help you to decorate your best recipes in just a few seconds. Create fruit or bread forms with its various moulds for desserts. Give full rein to your imagination! With the Yummy Pop dessert corer you can easily cut fruit, sandwiches or biscuits. Place the corer on the food you want to cut and insert it until you obtain the form. Then, press the corer’s ball and hold the form. You can make several of them in one go! Stars, butterflies, circles… Up to 6 different moulds to make dishes full of life!

Your kids will also enjoy this simple utensil to decorate desserts or dishes. It’s easy to clean and includes a bag with sticks to make skewers. Make your dishes more fun now with the Yummy Pop dessert corer!


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