Securitcam T6000 Fake Security Camera


Check out the great Securitcam T6000 fake security camera with daytime movement sensor, which will help to keep your home secure. This camera is made of plastic but, thanks to its realistic look, is ideal for dissuading would-be delinquents and intruders at minimal cost. Additionally, it is very easy to install (includes 3 wall plugs and 3 screws to mount it on the wall). Simply turn it on using the On/Off switch and when it detects movement, a small red LED light will come on and flash and the camera will pan from left to right (for approx. 20 seconds). Requires batteries (3 x AA, not included). Approx. range: 5 m. Dimensions (with base): 23 x 13 x 5.5 cm. Does not detect movement in the dark but comes on when a dark area is lit up.