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PureComfort Memory Foam Mattress

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Colchón Viscoelástico PureComfort capas: 20cm de altura

  • Capa 1: Tejido de Aloe Vera acolchado antiácaros: Aporta suavidad y propiedades calmantes para la piel. Reduce sudoración y olor.
  • Capa 2: Viscoelástica
  • Capa 3: TNT: Sistema de autoenfriamiento, confort térmico, disipa el calor.
  • Capa 4: Núcleo Nature-Plus: Espuma caracterizada por su gran flexibilidad y elasticidad. Permite una transpiración máxima
  • Capa 5: TNT: Sistema de autoenfriamiento, confort térmico, disipa el calor.
  • Capa 6: Fibra térmica antibacterias
  • Capa 7: Tejido alveolado 3D: permite la perfecta aireación de los tejidos evitando el exceso de calor durante la noche y favoreciendo un sueño


GrafenoPlus Memory Foam Mattress

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Colchón Viscoelástico GrafenoPlus capas: 28cm de altura

  • Capa 1: Tejido Ultra-suave acolchado: A Aporta suavidad y protección contra microorganismos perjudiciales.
  • Capa 2: Viscografeno permite un doble confort exclusivo y ergonómico.
  • Capa 3: ExtraVisco
  • Capa 4: TNT: Sistema de autoenfriamiento, confort térmico, disipa el calor.
  • Capa 5: Núcleo Pur-Max con micromuelles: de alta densidad de célula abierta permite la máxima transpiración y adaptabilidad, reduce el estrés y favorece la relajación.
  • Capa 6: TNT: Sistema de autoenfriamiento, confort térmico, disipa el calor.
  • Capa 7: Fibra térmica antibacterias
  • Capa 8: Tejido alveolado 3D: permite la perfecta aireación de los tejidos evitando el exceso de calor durante la noche y favoreciendo un sueño

We have your ideal memory foam mattress

Yes, a memory foam mattress can be inexpensive and high quality at the same time! At InnovaGoods, you can buy memory foam mattresses that guarantee greater comfort and quality. Buy the one that best suits your needs.

Choosing a mattress has never been so easy!

Cuida tu colchón y él cuidará de ti

Descansa sin preocupaciones

Para una correcta durabilidad de tu colchón es muy importante conocer algunos tips y cuidados.

Los colchones InnovaRelax llegan enrollados para su correcto transporte. Una vez pasado un tiempo prudencial adoptarán su forma definitiva.

Sus fibras de tacto plumón evitan la deformación con el paso del tiempo y se adaptan a tu columna vertebral como si estuvieras de pie.

Con el paso del tiempo, el sistema Dermawell proporcionará la seguridad que necesitas ante microorganismos,ácaros, hongos y humedad.

Será necesario voltearlo en cada estación del año y dejarlo transpirar media hora cada día.

Si tienes cualquier problema con tu colchón viscoelástico no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros, ofrecemos una garantía de 3 años.

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Frequent Questions

Memory foam or viscoelastic is a synthetic material that emerged during the 1960s. Its main feature is that this material has the ability to take on the shape of the body of the person using it. This reduces pressure on the support points and, therefore, is ideal to guarantee complete rest. Finding an inexpensive and high quality memory foam mattress is possible. Discover our InnovaRelax mattresses.

Sleeping well is important and affects your health. That’s why it is essential to buy a good quality mattress. When it comes to choosing a mattress, bear in mind factors such as the firmness of the material, adaptability to the body, durability and breathability.

We know how important it is for you to choose a good mattress! InnovaRelax uses state-of-the-art materials to guarantee a good sleep. However, it is important that you ask yourself the following questions before you buy any mattress: How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Do you sleep on your own or with someone else? Are you sensitive to the cold or to heat? With these answers, you will be able to choose the mattress that best suits your needs.

It is a memory foam (viscoelastic) mattress combined with graphene. What is it for? Well, graphene is an antibacterial material and, moreover, it has the thermoregulatory ability to cool itself down, so it is a cooler and more hygienic material.

Without a doubt, one of the most popular sleeping positions is on your side. To ensure your body doesn't suffer the consequences of poor posture, you should choose a mattress with a medium firmness. This is because, when it adapts to your body, the pressure on the support points is reduced, which prevents you from waking up the next day with muscle pains.

The mattress you choose is closely linked to the health of your back. As we mentioned earlier, memory foam mattresses adapt to the shape of your body and, in doing so, reduce the pressure on the support points. It is one of the best materials to consider when it comes to choosing your mattress.

Which one you choose depends on you, on your needs and your preferences. Both types of mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. Springs are cool, firm and cooler than memory foam mattresses, while the latter are notable for their adaptability to the body, durability and price. .

There are different options for cleaning your InnovaRelax memory foam mattress! You can either use a brush to collect surface dirt or, if you want a deeper clean, you can use the vacuum cleaner on the mattress surface.

Another very popular option is to clean your mattress with bicarbonate of soda, since this is ideal for eliminating humidity and killing bacteria. Sprinkle the bicarbonate over the surface of the memory foam mattress and leave it to work for at least one hour. Then, wipe it with a damp cloth and finish the deep clean by vacuuming it. It will look like new!

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