5 products for dogs that will make your life much easier

Are you looking for products for dogs? In this article, we have selected our favourite InnovaGoods products for man's best friend. Original gifts that your pet will enjoy (and you too, of course).

A ball launcher for fun times


Many dogs could spend hours playing fetch. But, of course, that means that you have to throw it non-stop! With this toy, you save yourself the fatigue of having to throw it over and over again. With this toy for dogs you save yourself the fatigue of having to throw it over and over again.

Simply put the ball into the launcher and press down with your foot. The ball will shoot out at full speed, and your furry friend will be entertained for a long time.

A cover to keep your car clean when you travel


Cars and dogs are not always a good match. When you travel with your pet, the seats get covered in fur, dust from their paws, and little by little the upholstery gets damaged. This is why this InnovaGoods cover is a particularly useful product for dog owners.

It easily clips onto the car's headrests, so your dog can sit on it comfortably while you are driving. It also has a hole to accommodate the seat belt. What do you think of this product for dogs?

An invention to make your pet look at the camera when taking pictures


When taking photos of your dog, it’s difficult to get them to look at the camera, right? Well, we have the solution.

This silicon clip attaches to your mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to hold your dog's favourite treats or toys. This way, you can be sure that your dog will be very attentive, so you can take the best photo ever.

A feeder that makes your dog eat more slowly


Does your dog eat too fast? We are used to our dogs eating at full speed, but this can actually cause them to choke or vomit.

This feeder for dogs has an anti-voracity design that forces your dog to eat more slowly, which is better for their health and helps them assimilate the food better.

An electric file to give your dog perfect nails


Another great product for dogs: sometimes cutting your dog's nails with a traditional clipper is very complicated, and you end up having to take them to the vet to do it. This electric nail file allows you to do it yourself at home.

It doesn't make any noise, so it won't scare your pet. It also features two different size slots, to adapt to different-sized dogs.