Ideas for automatic irrigation of pots: forget about being a plant killer

The world of plants can be exciting, but also much more challenging than it first appears. If you are one of those people that always manages to kill plants, keep reading because you’ll find this interesting.
And if you are a
plant lover and practical as well. Because most of your beloved plants problems’ are because of water, so we are going to give you some tips about automatic watering for your plant pots.

One day you get up and your favourite plant has yellow leaves, another is wilting more and more and the rest have mosquitos lurking on them. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? That’s because you aren’t watering them properly, perhaps too much, or too need to learn how to water plants properly, urgently! And to do that, nothing beats automatic irrigation.

What are the best automatic irrigation systems for plant pots?

To water plants, you just need to find the best way that suits you. You can install a super professional automatic irrigation system, make your own system using plastic bottles or look for cooler and, above all, cheaper alternatives.

Automatic irrigation balloons

This automatic irrigation system is perfect for your plant pots. It is practical, simple and will decorate gardens while ensuring there is enough water. You won’t need to do much, just keep an eye on them to make sure the balloon doesn’t become empty. 

How do the balloons work? It’s easy, they capture the oxygen from the soil of the pot and return the same amount of water. You just need to fill it with water and insert it into the soil.

How long do they last? These balloons, by the way, are made of glass, they usually last approx. 10 days. They have a capacity of 350ml to keep your plants well watered.

Automatic drip irrigation 

Another option for a good plant parent is having an automatic drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation goes directly to the root, it is highly efficient because it saves almost 40% of water compared to other methods, it provides the exact hydration the plant needs and you can go on holiday with peace of mind if you have installed it correctly. The only drawback is that this system is a little more expensive and rather complicated when it comes to installing it. 

Automatic irrigation using water bottles - DIY

Get a clean plastic water bottle, preferably a 2 litre bottle and perforate some holes in the lid. The larger the holes the better, that way you will prevent them from becoming instructed by the soil from the plants. 

On the other hand, make quite a deep hole in the soil so that half a bottle will fit and try not to do it too close to the roots so you don’t cut them. Cut the bottom of the bottle with scissors or a serrated knife and position the bottle faced down (with the lid part in the soil), fill it with water and voilà. Now you have your homemade automatic irrigation system.

Now you have all of the ideas so your plants and flowers are perfectly hydrated, which one are you going to choose?

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