This product will make moving house a little less stressful

Like it or not, having a nice house means having to buy furniture and appliances, positioning them in such a way that the space is harmonious and, of course, transporting them when we move to another place. And while the end result is worth it, the process is always laborious. 

Why? Because moving furniture back and forth, whether for cleaning, moving to a new home, or simply because you want to redecorate, involves lifting a lot of weight. Refrigerators, washing machine, chests of drawers... When you have to move them, you always end up knocking them (or even hurting yourself!). And what if you have to clean underneath a bulky piece of furniture, like a bed or a sofa? You have to push it. It's difficult even with the help of another person, and you may end up scratching the floor. 

That's why our HeavEasy lifting and transport tool is a fantastic idea. This product allows you to easily move objects that are very heavy, be it furniture, appliances, moving boxes... With this gadget, you can lift them without difficulty and move them from one place to another.

How does this lifting tool work?

It's extremely easy to use

The product consists of a lifting handle (a kind of lever) and four wheeled supports. When you want to move a piece of furniture, just follow the steps below:

  1. Use the lifting handle to raise the side of the object you want to move. This lever allows you to lift bulky furniture or appliances, which would otherwise be very difficult to pick up.
  2. Once they are raised, you can insert the wheeled supports underneath the object.
  3. Once it is resting on the wheeled supports, just push gently and you can move the object easily, without bumping or scratching the floor.
  4. When you have finished, simply lift the object again with the lever and remove the supports. It's that simple.

What do we like about this tool?

Above all, its originality, and how much easier it makes life. But beyond this, we also like:

  • Its adaptability: The lifting handle can rotate up to 180°, and the wheeled supports can rotate up to 360°. This means that both pieces will adapt to virtually any piece of furniture and any movement you want to make.
  • Its strength: The lifting lever can support up to 200 kg! And the supports up to 150 kg. To give you an idea of the weight they can lift, a large, double-door refrigerator weighs around 130 kg.
  • Its size: It is a very lightweight tool, so you can take it anywhere. And because it's so small, you can store it without taking up much space.

What do you think? This lifting tool for furniture and appliances is the perfect item to have around the house. Discover many more at InnovaGoods!