Now you can have home beer dispenser in your lounge

Dispensador de cerveza InnovaGoods

This is the typical product that you know exists and that you want. Who hasn't sometimes dreamed of coming home, taking off your shoes, hanging up your jacket, going into the kitchen and getting yourself a cool beer from a dispenser. Well, I have good news for you: your dream can come true!

Having a beer dispenser in your kitchen is possible, so you can enjoy a cool beer. What pleasure! And not only that, overnight you'll become the best host for any party at home… It goes without saying that there are many advantages to this product.

It is the ideal product for serving and cooling drinks, as it has a closed compartment for ice inside which cools the contents without watering them down. It has a 3.5 l capacity and is made completely with PMMA, so it is BPA free.

What's more, the InnovaGoods beer dispenser is a good idea for a gift for a friend who can't live without beer. An original gift that we guarantee will leave you without words.